Crystal Meth Addiction in America

Addiction in America

Methamphetamine addiction in the united states isn’t a new problem. It has existed for a long time and the intensity with which it has affected the lives of our youth will have a lasting effect on the society. It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of the country’s prisoners are involved in methamphetamine-related crime.

Methamphetamine Addiction In America

A variety of organizations have attempted to address the issues of drug abuse with the intention of making society safer from a physical, emotional and psychological standpoint. The most recent study performed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that rates of meth addiction are steadily increasing. With this alarming fact in mind, it becomes extremely important to come up with solutions to curb the outbreak of the disease.

The crystal meth craze in America is a relatively new phenomenon. This drug has recently surfaced and gained its popularity in a time when the rest of the world was recovering from the effects of the devastating earthquakes in Japan. In short, the stigma attached to meth is extremely high. That’s the reason a great deal of people have fallen prey to this insidious substance.

As soon as crystal meth became known as a product of Chinese manufacturers, it gained in popularity among the youth of America. A range of local and international operations have since been set up that involves the manufacture and distribution of this drug. The introduction of this drug on American roads has resulted in increased levels of violence in addition to rampant criminal activities.

To understand the scope of the issue, it is vital to know the intricate nature of the procedure by which crystal meth enters the machine of the consumer. The drug enters the system via the ingestion of small amounts of this medication in the shape of a pill or powder. The only way to make certain that this drug reaches the blood is to take it orally.

Purity levels are an essential part of the production process that is utilized to produce meth. A company that is manufacturing the drug will inevitably have to use low purity levels to make sure that the drug reaches the bloodstream fast. The result is that the speed of the drug reaches the brain faster and consequently induces the user to high levels of euphoria and feelings of elation.

Severe Damage to the Consumer’s Brain

Meth has the power to cause severe damage to the consumer’s brain. A number of people who undergo one dose of the medication experience nausea, dizziness, a sense of being out of control and eventual blackouts. After this occurrence, a person gets confused and loses his attention.

The drug also causes a chemical imbalance which changes how the brain processes information. The brain is bombarded with this mess as well as the intensity of the effects may lead to mood swings, paranoia and hallucinations. Symptoms such as irritability, increased levels of stress and irritability, diminished motivation and concentration levels, irritability, increased mood, loss of appetite, changes in energy levels, paranoia, depression, and suicidal ideas are a few of the common signs of abuse. These symptoms can cause a man to deteriorate rapidly.