The National Meth Hotline was created to address the methamphetamine epidemic in our county. Methamphetamine, Speed, Ice, Crystal, Crack, Tweak and Cocaine is effecting every area of our society. This insidious disease is tearing families apart and creating a huge burden on our judicial system. There is help with the National Meth Hotline.

The National Meth Hotline brings needed hope to this chronic and deadly disease called addiction. The National Meth Hotline directs individuals who are suffering and or their loved ones to find recovery. Embracing a drug free lifestyle is hard and by calling the National Meth Hotline we will help you find the help you need.

If you or a loved one needs help, call the National Meth Hotline now. Our professional staff offers a free assessment and referral. The National Meth Hotline refers to detoxification centers and drug rehab centers all across the nation to fit any ones budget from private rooms in a spa like setting to low cost effective treatment to no cost options.